Star Management Consultancy is the leading Human resource and hospitality services provider in Qatar.

We have executed the task efficiently in the field of manpower recruitment. Our organization sets the right objective to link the client and the valued candidates in equal opportunity.

We Have the dedication and consistency to provide reliable manpower supply and services to any organization and thus a proven track record of establishing ourselves as a leading organization in Qatar. It is our great pride and responsibility to assure a credible performance within the service we offer. Therefore, we have been fulfilling the requirement of human resource needs in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait Bahrain, Malaysia, and Oman.

Our proven track record in these regions establishes our expertise to be recognized as an emerging HR Consultancy in Qatar. Our company   incorporates a high profiling of competent employees who are readily available in your business overseas. Our express assistance includes a thorough examination of the individual in fulfillment of the job application. And vice versa, it matches candidates to secure a job based on their qualifications and skills. As an emerging HR organization in Qatar, we strive for better responsibility, loyalty, quality services, teamwork, client oriented and simplicity.

Few Words About Us

What We Require From You

We require following documents from you to grant recruitment authority from Hiring Country:

  • Demand Letter
  • Power Of Attorney
  • Agency Agreement
  • Guaranteed Letter
  • Employment Agreement

Service Agreement

To avoid any authority claims/disputes, this manpower agency would request both company and the applicants to sign a Foreign Service Agreement. This Agreement is in accordance with laws in the country of source and employment. Additionally, this document may include a particular statement that will be mutually agreed in accordance to the legal structure of the country of source or employment. In the area of human resource recruitment, this we generally provide the following professional service to companies and manpower recruitment agencies abroad.

  • Provision of resumes from our screening process.
  • Resumes from the candidate and send to the companies upon request.
  • Design and positioning of advertisements in leading newspapers.
  • Acceptance and short-listing of applicants.
  • Calling applicants for interviews.
  • Facilitate the interview procedure.
  • Testing and security authorization.
  • Verification and confirmation of certificates.
  • Medical examination by official Medical Officers.
  • Visa support by particular embassies.
  • Ticketing and reservation of passage.
  • Pre-departure orientation and briefing.
  • Training.

Star Management Consultancy has built its own comprehensive and full fledged training orientation organized by our senior skilled personnel. Classroom lectures, role-play, work list and task & procedures compliments our guidance for an elite candidate. As an added skill we provide the candidate experience on the fundamentals of First Aid, Fire Fighting and Self-Defensed. Industrialized and business security training is also carried out to deal with client's precise requisition.


Our company takes serious steps in sorting the appropriate manpower and confirmation on their records before deploying them to country of employment. Also, our manpower agency has competent employees to complete the documentation and applicable paper works for authorization from Ministry of Labour based on the hiring country's Labour Law. This procedure provides assurance in manpower hiring.

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